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Miu pieces together the final days of a young Chinese man who disappeared in East London.

Shortlisted for the Greirson Awards 2019 and screened as part of GIF London and IWART, the film is a UK production, produced by NFTS and La Pêche


These are the final days of Miu, a colourful young man who moved to London from Hong-Kong to become an Architect. Combining re-enactments and interviews with the few people who knew him, 'Miu' is about the anonymity of being a foreigner in a big city and how easy it is to lose your way.

Technical Details

Shot in August 2018 in UK

Genre: Drama-Documentary

Running Time: 19'

Aspect Ratio: 1:2.39
Screening Format: 2K DCP, mov, mp4 (HD)
Sound: 7.1 Dolby or Stereo
Language: English, Cantonese
Subtitles: English

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Director's Statement

‘Miu’ tells the story of one individual whose life was both typical of many single immigrants to London and so unusual in that very little is known about him.


I happened upon his story in quite a strange way – one day I read a short story by Screenwriter, Conor Keane, about a young Chinese man who disappeared in East London and had left his housemate with a small debt, his belongings and a mysterious note, written in Chinese. Consequently, the housemate who barely knew him had to track down his family in Hong Kong and then meet them in a heart-breaking - yet awkward encounter - as they spoke no English and he had lost their son’s note.


This story stayed me long after reading it, finally inspiring me to make a documentary about the real story behind it and try to unravel who Miu was.


What I wished to create with this film is a mixture of what was remembered by those who knew him at the time, combined with what my imagination as a filmmaker had to create to fill in the gaps. Piecing those details together in an attempt to faithfully paint a picture of his life. ‘Miu’ is my attempt to give voice to an unknown man and reflect on the meaning of one life in a mega migrant city of almost 9 million people.


Featuring: Adam Nathaniel Furman & Stéphane Cusset

Miu: Tao Deng

The Housemate: Louis Tamone 

Miu's mother: Crystal XW 


Director: Yaël Lotem

Writers: Conor Keane, Yaël Lotem                    

Producer: Kate Phibbs  

Cinematographers: Alana M. Gonzalez, Yaël Lotem 

Production Manager: Elisa De Pasquale

Editor: Mirjam Jegorov     

Sound Recordists: Bridget Bradshaw, Chris Morris

Colour Grader: Liz Glennard

Sound Designer & Mixer: Kevin Langhamer

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