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The Forest is a self-shot documentary that explores the relationship between people, landscape and identity through the story of Israel's largest human-made forest. 


The film is UK Production, produced at NFTS, as a Taster for a feature-length documentary.


The Forest investigates the story of Israel’s largest human-made forest, set in the vast desert, on the borderline with the Palestinian West Bank. We meet a collage of colourful characters of both Jews and Arabs who live in the forest, work to maintain it, irrigate it or being expelled from their lands to make way for its ever-expanding plots. The film questions the Israeli national endeavour to maintain, rebuild and expand a forest of 4 million trees in a place where they could never survive.

Technical Details

Shot in 2017 in Israel/Palestine

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 14'

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 
Screening Format: 2K DCP, mov, mp4 (HD)
Sound: 5.1 Dolby or Stereo
Language: Hebrew 
Subtitles: English


Director/Producer: Yaël Lotem

Cinematography: Yaël Lotem

Editor: Stella Heath Keir

Sound Recordists: Andrei Grigore Tudor

Sound Designer: Ioannis Spanos

Production Manager: Megan Randle

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